How will you further develop your global perspective while you are abroad? How will you make the most of this experience, personally, academically and professionally? How will you develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skill sets? Prior to going abroad, set SMART goals, or clearly defined objectives for your international experience.  Be sure to come up with Action Plans, or strategies, to make sure that you have reached your goal(s).

What is a SMART goal?

Goals & Action Plans: Supplemental Worksheet

Specific Is your goal clearly defined
Measureable How will we know if we reached our goal?
Attainable Can the goal be reached?
Relevant Does the goal represent you?
Timely Set a time for when you goal will be finished

What is an example of a SMART goal?

Goal:  Understand Mexican women’s mental toward machismo.

Action Plan 1:

Action Plan 2:

Action Plan 3:


Attend literacy workshops run by local and/or international volunteers.

Volunteer with an NGO as a teacher.

Interview participants of literacy programs.  



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