Global Perspective

Aponi Geletko

When talking about life, one thing Aponi believes is that life is about taking risks and what we do with those risks is what makes life great. So always striving to be better than her yesterdays self is a must, because living life to the fullest and leaving her mark within someone else's life is what counts; making her unforgettable. When leaving her mark within someone's life, she wants to make sure she exhibits the best version of who she is. Asking, how can she identify specifically with what makes her, her? Not only does Aponi love who she is but she also loves people.

Julia Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez is a junior nursing student who attends Duquesne University. She is a very out-going and motivated student, who is eager to take on any new experience. While at Duquesne, Julia is involved in many of the clubs on campus, including Lexicon Duquesne University's journal of arts and literature and was well as the Phi Eta Sigma Duquesne's National Honor society. Julia is a spin instructor at Duquesne's Power Center, and enjoys teaching spin classes to the students and faculty of Duquesne.

Rachel Hughes

Rachel Hughes is a junior at Duquesne University. She is enrolled in the business school, and is majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. She is also a student-athlete, and is a member of the Duquesne Women's Lacrosse Team. She is in the university's honors college and also actively participates in Duquesne Supply Chain Council and Student Athlete Advisory Committee. She is from Unionville. Pennsylvania where she lives with her parents and her older sister, Alyssa. She is an animal lover who also enjoys reading, being outside, and sports. 

Alexis Walker

ALexis walker is A thris year student at Robert Morris Univerisity where she studies Political Science and has a minor in Women adn Gender Studues. 
She is very active on her campus as well in her community.

Destinee Truluck

Destinee is a recipient of the  Vira Heinz for Women in Global Leadership Scholarship, Destinee studied abroad in Guayaquil,Ecuador  for a total of nine weeks. During her time in Ecuador Destinee used the opportunity to take on two courses and an internship, where she was able to delve into the Ecuadorian culture and better prepare herself for her future career. Destinee had an internship at a Public relations department, she was able to write press releases, design layouts, organize events, and put together employee trainings.

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