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The purpose of the Experience Report is to document the depth and quality of your cultural immersion and to initiate a process of reflection. The Experience Report should give the reader a sense of what you accomplished, not what you saw. Components of your Experience Report will be turned in to the Heinz Endowments and may be posted on the VIH website. The Experience Report is due on September 1. The Experience Report has four components: a budget, your answers to the short answer questions (250-350 words per question), a paragraph written in third person, your cultural matrix, your goals and action plans, and five photos uploaded to the Vira Heinz Program for Women in Global Leadership Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, email your photos to your Campus Coordinator.  To be sure, at least one of the photos must be of you, in country.  In addition, you must upload your experience report and photos to your VIH E-portfolio. Your goal is not to showcase what you saw.  Rather, you want to highlight the relationships you built and the depth and quality of your cultural immersion. 


Experience Report Example Paragraphs

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