Film Festival: Student Film & Arts Festival

Vision:  Raise awareness of gender issues through expression of art on campus.

Community Need:  Provide a forum through which to educate, challenge, and encourage students to critically analyze and discuss current local and global gender issues.

Impact:  Washington & Jefferson College students enjoyed a day of roundtable discussions on gender issues, guest speakers, and an art contest of student submissions.


Additional Information:


Sample Documents

Flyer #1 | Flyer #2 |  Flyer #3 | Event Program

Skill Building Resources

Teamwork |  Planning Meetings | Effective Communication | Conflict Resolution | Follwership | Identifying an Issue | Developing a Vision Statement | Conducting a Resource Analysis

Other Festival Ideas

Carrie Law (2012, Pitt Johnstown) and Kristen Chislow (2012, Pitt Johnstown) synthesized their experiences in the Czech Republic and Germany to create a photography contest and student panel that encouraged students to study abroad.


Team Members:

Kate Loy (W&J, England, Arts & Culture)

Victoria Montgomery (W&J, Japan, Arts & Culture)

Katie Steider (W&J, Dominican Republic, Children, Youth, and Families)

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