Panel/Speaker & Roundtables: Bridges to Africa

Vision:  Raise awareness of issues in Sub-Saharan Africa such as educational opportunity and HIV/AIDS.

Community Need:  The Pittsburgh community may not be aware of issues in Sub-Saharan Africa and local organizations that address such issues.

Impact:  The CEE team encouraged community involvement and awareness by hosting an evening of activities including a keynote speaker, eight interactive stations, and resources to local organizations, all focusing on issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Additional Information:
Sample Documents

 Business Letter | Event Proposal | Team Guidelines | Flyer

Skill Building Resources

Teamwork | Planning Meetings | Effective Communication | Conflict Resolution | Follwership | Identifying an Issue | Developing a Vision Statement | Conducting a Resource Analysis

Other Panel/Speaker & Rountable Ideas

Tanesha Waid (2011, Arcadia) drew on her experience in Vietnam to create "A Knight of Giving," a luncheon followed by a panel and roundtable discussion on the foster care system in the United States and abroad.


Team Members (left to right):

Emily Cowan (Duquesne, Tanzania, Children, Youth, and Families)

Rebecca Sedlmeyer (Pitt Johnstown, Austria, Arts & Culture)

Molly Knapp (Pitt Titusville, Tanzania, Children, Youth, and Families)

Estrellita Olvera (Pitt Titusville, Tanzania, Arts & Culture)

Tara Matthews (Pitt Oakland, Tanzania, Economic Opportunity)

Anne Black (Duquesne, Morocco, Children, Youth, and Families)

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