Alexis Walker

Bio Summary
Cohort Year: 
Home Institution: 
Robert Morris University
Heinz Programming Area: 
Children, youth, and Families
Study Abroad Country: 
International Experience

Through the support of the Vira Heinz Scholarship, Alexis Walker was fortunate enough  to travel to  Meknes, Morocco. While in Morocco, Alexis studied Classical Arabic and expanded her knowledge in international relations by engaging in the Islamic Society and Politics course. This course made assimilating into a predominately Islamic state easier all while enhancing her global perspective. In addition to academics, Alexis furthered her experiences in the nonprofit sector by working with an organization dedicated to serving underprivileged children and elderly. The mission of the organization went hand and hand with Alexis’ Desired Heinz Programming concentration of children, youth and families. 
At The “Ibitssama”, or Happy Smile Center in Arabic, Alexis worked on renovating the education facility for the children. Some of the projects included painting desks, collecting books, building bookshelves and donating funds for school supplies. In the afternoons, Alexis participated in a program designed to teach English to the elementary school age children at Ibitssama.  
During the 63 days that Alexis spent in Morocco, 30 of those days were during the religious holiday Ramadan. Ramadan enveloped Alexis into an understanding of the culture from a deeper, intellectual perspective. From her participation in fasting, to learning traditional covering was an all-around amazing experience.  Gathering together with her host mom and discussing the “Moroccan Way” over dinner every night will be a memory that shall last forever. What was once so unfamiliar seemed to become second-nature by the end of her journey. Alexis traveled domestically to almost a dozen different cities, experienced the magnitudes of Moroccan cuisine, obsessed over the architecture and truly absorbed the natural atmosphere. 
Although, Alexis has shown true dedication to her academics as a scholar, she has now added world-ready student to her resume through the travel to Morocco. Gaining a new perspective, experience, and palette for life, Alexis is a promised star to her peers and mentees.

Community Engagement Experience

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