Bisi Oyelola

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Temple University
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International Experience

This past summer, Bisi spent 4 weeks studying abroad in Accra, Ghana through The Council on International Educational Exchange program at the University of Ghana. At the University of Ghana, Bisi was involved with a series of coursework including studying reproductive health through a socio-cultural lens and taking an intensive Twi language course, where she received high remarks for her work. Additionally, She studied the cultural aspects of Accra, Ghana, including several prominent tribes in the greater Accra and Asante region. This included their distinctions through routine excursions as well. Bisi utilized a hands-on approach to study tribes and cultural distinctions between them. During her time in Accra, Bisi primarily focused on the Ashanti tribe, its historical development, and later development of the Asante empire. To study this phenomenon more in depth, She visited the Ashanti region about four hours north of the Accra region. She not only discovered her family lineage through visits to museum areas but through tours and familial research in the area. Furthermore, Bisi studied women and mercantilism in Ghanaian culture by observing the Ghanaian markets. At the markets, Bisi enhanced her Twi by engaging with vendors in the local language. She learned that the cultural differences she experienced abroad were not much different than what she had experienced at home. She overcame small inconveniences such as the lack of consistent Wi-Fi, bucket showers, and risk of malaria by quickly by acclimated herself within the culture. Studying abroad for the first time as a person tied closing to the culture, Bisi was able to explore a piece of her identity and leave a lasting  legacy that will never leave her.

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