Katey Ladika

Bio Summary
Cohort Year: 
Home Institution: 
Robert Morris University
Heinz Programming Area: 
Arts & Culture
Study Abroad Country: 
Czech Republic
International Experience

Katey Ladika is an artist completing her Media Arts degree at Robert Morris University. Over the summer of 2017, she spent her days studying art, architecture, urbanism, and genius loci in the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. Through her travels, she has broadened her knowledge of art created in Eastern Europe as well as the history of the Czech Republic and the former Czechoslovakia. Katey also spent a great deal of her time abroad on personal expeditions through Prague and the Czech Republic taking and gathering images to create her own documentary photography book following her travels and the lifestyles of the citizens of the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. She also spent her time working as a student blogger for Univerzita Karlova writing articles for upcoming student abroad students to allow them a glimpse into the cultural differences in the Czech Republic. Katey prides herself on her ability to communicate with her host country's native citizens in their home language of Czech and her consistent cultural immersion in Prague. With a notepad in hand and a camera strapped to her back, Katey kept her adventures near her heart in order to document all aspects of cultural immersion. She calls the Czech Republic her second home and is patiently awaiting the day she can return to her beloved city of Prague.  

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