Marla Holland

Bio Summary
Cohort Year: 
Home Institution: 
Waynesburg University
Heinz Programming Area: 
Arts & Culture
Study Abroad Country: 
International Experience

Marla Holland studied abroad in Sydney, Australia for six weeks. Many people are unaware that Sydney is only the capital of New South Wales, not the entire country, yet it is the largest city in Australia. Marla spent the first half of her time abroad taking a class called Sport and Learning in Australian Culture. Also during this time and during the rest of her adventure abroad, she was delighted with the opportunity to work on a project with an educational psychologist for an internship. She built a special bond with her supervisor, not only through the work she completed, but also through the discussion of sports. She was able to attend several sporting events including rugby and Aussie rules football (AFL) which contributed to her classroom learning about the sporting culture down under. Marla participated in two workshops as well, learning more about the techniques of rugby, AFL, net ball (comparable to basketball), and also lawn bowling, an iconic Australian sport. Marla had the opportunity to attend two musical performances while abroad. Sydney became like a second home to Marla. She is grateful to the Vira I. Heinz program for inspiring her to get out of her comfort zone and continue growing as a young woman.

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