Taylor Daniel

Bio Summary
Cohort Year: 
Home Institution: 
Wilberforce University
Heinz Programming Area: 
Arts & Culture
Study Abroad Country: 
International Experience

Taylor Daniel spent a month of her summer in the heart of Paris, France studying the language of French.  While she was in Paris she was able to obtain some of the culture of Europe and well as some of their customs. She was able to immerse herself in their language to better understand it. Not only was she given the opportunity to understand the culture and language but she was also granted the opportunity live the Persian carefree life. A life that she spoke of as free from all worry, no stress and just rest. Most important she was able to see how she could use this experience for her future in law and eventually in international affairs. Leading her to truly becoming a woman in global leadership.

Community Engagement Experience
CEE Title: 
A Helping Hand

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