Cultural Performance - Embody the Rhythm


Vision:  Encourage cultural appreciation on campus through a one-night cultural dance event that showcased traditional dances from several different countries.

Community need:  The Pittsburgh community may lack cultural awareness of a variety of different cultures present and active in the community itself.

Impact:  An audience of 115 people enjoyed and were enriched by 21 short cultural performances by 85 dancers representing 9 distinct cultures:  United States, Chinese, Indian, Ukrainian, Syrian, Greek, Latin American, Thai, and Filipino.

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Other Cultural Performance Ideas

  • Tiffany Tupper (2009, Chatham), Amal El-Ghazaly (2009, CMU), and Emily Ferris (2009, CMU) synthesized their experiences in Egypt and Lebanon to create "MENA Day," a celebration of the diverse cultures in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with a focus on the plight of refugees.

Team Members

  • Alexis Manino(Pitt-Oakland, Italy, Environment)
  • Natalie Vazquez(Chatham, Spain, Arts, and Culture)
  • Jillian Gross (Duquesne, Costa Rica, Children, Youth, and Family)
  • Tiffany Grossi(Pitt-Oakland, Spain, Education)
  • Shelby Sharpnack(Duquesne, Antilles, Environment)
  • Christine Hedden(CMU, Ireland, Arts, and Culture)