Fair/Exposition - Green & Global: Starting Local


  • Vision:  Raise awareness of green practices around the world among the Pittsburgh community.
  • Community Need:  College students and Pittsburgh community members may not be aware of eco-friendly lifestyles or issues of the environment and sustainability.
  • Impact:  College students and community members enjoyed interactive stations centered on topics such as energy, creative reuse, and water conservation in the O'Hara Ballroom at the University of Pittsburgh.

Additional Information

Sample Documents

Skill Building Resources

Other Fair/Exposition Ideas

  • Megan Peebles (2011, Waynesburg), Heidi Weaver (2011, Waynesburg), Lynae Byler (2011, Waynesburg), and Natalie George (2011, Waynesburg) synthesized their experiences in England, India, and Italy to create "Mondo Giusto," a fair that showcased local businesses and international fair trade organizations.

Team Members (left to right)

  • Cassidy Beckford-Moore (Pitt Oakland, South Africa, Children, Youth, and Families)
  • Beth Kenny (Duquesne, Ireland, Environment)
  • Rachel Siefert (Chatham, Italy, Arts & Culture)
  • Rachel Meyer (Pitt Oakland, Australia, Environment)
  • Leah Yingling (CMU, South Africa, Education)