Flavia Naccarato

Flavia Naccarato was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her parents had migrated from Italy before they started a family together. The first 30 years of her life were spent in Brazil. She received her Bachelor’s degree in History before moving to the United States. She has resided in the U.S. since January of 1999. Flavia lived in New York for the first year or two, then moved to Pennsylvania for the next 20 years. Her first jobs included babysitting and waitressing in New York. Flavia and her husband, Oswaldo, came to Pennsylvania because they had a work opportunity at a new Brazilian restaurant opening in Penn Hills, PA. The two of them worked at The Green Forest Brazilian Restaurant and Churrascaria as the manager and a server for the first five years.

At this point, they had the opportunity to purchase the restaurant and become business co-owners and work for themselves. From 2005-2020, she learned how to manage a restaurant and this many other duties for this business and the position she was in. These included, but were not limited to, planning parties, accommodating customers’ needs of all kinds, interviewing and hiring, and gaining knowledge of different laws and rules involving the restaurant business. She has just recently relocated to Florida. Flavia and her husband are currently restarting their lives and have plans to open a new business, but this time they are beginning with much more knowledge of the restaurant industry.