How will you further develop your global perspective while you are abroad? How will you make the most of this experience, personally, academically and professionally? How will you develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skill sets? Prior to going abroad, set SMART goals for yourself. SMART goals are clearly defined objectives with actionable steps, also known as Action Plans, to help you measure success. 

What is a SMART goal? 

SMART is an acronym to help you remember how to structure your goals. The letters break down into the following useful guidelines: 

  • Specific: Is your goal clearly defined
  • Measurable: How will we know if we reached our goal?
  • Attainable: Can the goal be reached?
  • Relevant: Does the goal represent you?
  • Timely: Set a time for when your goal will be finished

Use this worksheet to help you write your own smart goals.