Chase Gifford

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Thiel College

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As a Vira Heinz recipient, Chase traveled to Athens, Greece and spent five weeks studying at The American College of Greece in Aghia Paraskevi. While in Greece, she took classes in oceanography and the Greek language. She gained immense knowledge on the chemistry of sea water and how different marine organisms are affected by pollution and the geography of coastlines. She visited the nearby island of Salamina and performed field tests in two areas on the nutrients in the water, the salinity, the pH, the transparency of the water, and collected phytoplankton to identify in the lab. Firsthand, she saw the impact of the geography of the coastline on the pollution and quality of life for marine organisms. Chase actively participated in sustainability through the #ACGgoesplasticfree campaign and continued her pledge when returning home. While traveling throughout Greece and its many islands, Chase was able to observe and appreciate Greek culture and history through their archaeological landmarks. During her travels she was able to swim in the crystal clear water of the Aegean sea, climb to the Parthenon, and visit the oracle in Delphi. In her free time she learned how to use the public transportation to explore downtown Athens and learned more about Greek culture through food. This experience in Greece allowed Chase to improve her Greek language skills, connect with her Greek heritage, and expand her knowledge on environments around the world.

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CEE Title: Education on a Global Perspective