Aaron Forbes

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University of Pittsburgh | Greensburg

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Aaron spent seven weeks in Iceland studying renewable energy, technology, and resource economics. He travelled around the entirety of the island and stayed in several cities including Reykjavík, Ísafjörður, and Akureyri. In Ísafjörður, he studied engineering and Icelandic in a classroom setting. He had the opportunity to live with a host family for two weeks in the northern farmlands of Akureyri where he learned about renewable technologies in action, practiced his Icelandic language by speaking to the locals, and participated in a 24-hour Carbon Hackathon. Aaron was so impressed by their methane biofuel implementation that he wrote a paper on it called “The Feasibility of Upscaling Compressed Biofuel Gas Implementation as Fuel in Domestic Usage in Akureyri” and presented his findings to the group he studied with. Throughout the program, Aaron visited several sites including the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant, Krafla Geothermal Powerplant, and the Burfell wind farm. He found that Iceland’s reliance on renewable energies allows for a cleaner environment that enhances the quality of life of the people and showcases the beauty of raw nature. Aaron believes that other countries must change their practices drastically in order to stop and reverse the damage done by climate change. He hopes to get his Master’s in Environmental Engineering in order to help meet this goal and push for change and plans to attend university in Iceland to do it!

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CEE Title: Sustainability