Courteney Weinell

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University of Pittsburgh | Greensburg

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International Experience Summary:

Courteney spent seven weeks of her summer in Florence, Italy as a Vira I. Heinz scholarship recipient. While in Italy, Courteney took a course in Wine Marketing where she learned not only how to market and sell wine to multiple demographics, but the course aimed to analyze the cultural significance that wine plays in different regions of the world, specifically Italy and the United States. Through multiple winery tours in the Tuscan countryside and walking tours of Florence, she was able to indulge herself in the history of wine and learn of the significance it has on the economic and environmental states of the country. Courteney also had the privilege to immerse herself into the culture of Florence as she worked for ASAP, a leading shoe distribution company in Italy.  ASAP brings brands into Italy that do not have any representation in the country. Steve Madden, Doc Martens, and UGG are a few brands that the company represents. As a marketing intern, Courteney was responsible for updating the company’s multiple social media platforms and spreadsheets, as well as maintaining the company’s websites. Courteney was fortunate enough to attend work events, one being a Doc Martens launch party, and the other being the Pitti Uomo, one of the largest men’s fashion trade shows in the world. She was able to gain valuable work experience in a new cultural setting, while being able to interact with coworkers and make new connections.

Courteney spent the remainder of her time walking the cobblestone streets of Florence and enjoying her afternoons at Piazza Santa Croce. Through her program, she had the opportunity to learn about the history and beauty that embodies Florence, including the many famous museums and the secret gardens and cafes hidden within the city walls. Courteney also took advantage of the train system in Italy and spent her weekends traveling to other cities such as the Amalfi Coast, Verona, Lake Garda, and Milan. Whilst falling in love with traveling, Courteney advanced her professional skills in a unique setting and it gave her the confidence to step outside of her comfort zone. She is eager to share her experience and encourage others to travel and go beyond their natural boundaries.

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CEE Title: Sustainability