Marla Taylor

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Chatham University

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Over the summer, Marla Taylor traveled to Paris, France, where she studied French language at the Catholic Institute of Paris. In addition to her studies, Marla  familiarized herself with the education system in Paris. She visited several of the world-renowned universities in the historical Latin quarter, including the Paris-Sorbonne University and the Pierre and Marie Curie University, and gathered information about studying there. At home, Marla works as an intern at the French Alliance of Pittsburgh (Alliance Française de Pittsburgh), one of over 100 Alliances in the world. While in Paris, she made sure to visit the headquarters there. As an intern at the French Alliance of Pittsburgh and the President of the French Club at her home university, Marla is invested in raising awareness of French language and culture within academia. In this regard, Marla took the initiative to get to know more about the many resources available for students or those interested in French language and culture in Paris so that she can share that information with the community in Pittsburgh. She hopes her experience abroad will add her community outreach efforts and potentially benefit others who are in interested in studying or traveling in France.