Tamara Jones

International Experience Country:
Cohort Year:
Home Institution:

Lincoln University

Heinz Programming Area:
Children, Youth, and Families
International Experience Summary:

When Tamara Jones went to Guayaquil Ecuador she was able to learn much of the Spanish language. She communicated with patients while treating them with IV bags, giving shots, helping clean lesions, and other medical sorts. She was able to serve the communities that did not have access to healthcare by travelling with her coworkers to help keep records of the patients. She learned different medical terms, tools, and processes. She was able to learn salsa dance by visiting clubs. She ate typical Ecuadorian foods like bolon, Ecuadorian shrimp and rice dish, papas, empanadas with queso, and played Ecuadorian card games. She tutored students in English. Not only did she tutor them but they taught her different greetings, and how to carry her book bag on buses. She immersed herself in the culture by also participating in things when her Ecuadorian friends invited her to hang out. She watched movies and shows in Spanish with her family. She even spoke with her classmates and they taught her about friendship versus relationships: the machisto attitude. She learned how to give a presentation and enjoy the moment. She even wore a traditional Ecuadorian dress in honor of Guayaquil’s Independence Day.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Women's Empowerment Camp

The CEE was done in the form of a forum, entitled “Women’s Empowerment Camp”. We brought up the issue of women defining beauty for themselves. First, we had a Prezi presentation incorporated into the structure of our forum by showing women of different ages and sizes from around the world while playing Queen by India Arie. Next, we related our experiences abroad to the purpose of the event. A keynote speaker, Ms. Powell, enlightened young women on how to be conscious of who they are, before superficial beauty is secondary to one's authenticity. Clips were used from "Miss Representation" to show how media influences our perception of what beauty is. A panel of six women on this campus (students) from different social circles answered questions about beauty on a global and local scale. After the panelists responded to the questions, they were open to the audience to voice their opinions. Refreshments such as fruit, tea, lemonade, and crackers were offered to promote self-wellness. The event was recorded. At the end each woman stated what their new, personal, definition of beauty was. The event closed out with taking Polaroid photos to create a scrapbook that will be Lincoln's Atlas of Beauty.