Jessica Peters

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Thiel College

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Study Abroad Country: Spain Cohort Year: 2019 Home Institution: Thiel College Programming Area: Sustainability
International Experience Summary:

Jessica Peters is a Junior at Thiel College double majoring in International Business and Sports Management with minors in Accounting and Spanish. While in Barcelona, Spain she studied International Marketing and Sports and Contemporary Culture. While taking these two classes, Jessica was able to  learn  about the relationship with the autonomous region of Catalunya and the country of Spain. This autonomous region that Barcelona is a part of, has been in an outcry of independence since the early 1800’s. The citizens of this region have created their own language, culture, food etc.

Through her Vira Heinz experience, Jessica was able to gather knowledge and skills in the international business platform. She visited and spoke with  many local and global organizations. These organizations were able to show the power and platform they have to change the world!

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