Katherine Allgeier

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Thiel College

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Arts and Culture
International Experience Summary:

Katherine Allgeier spent six weeks in the summer of 2015 studying in Ireland. She spent one week in Dublin, Ireland learning about the storied past of the city, particularly in relation to the Rebellion and subsequent civil war. While in Dublin she spoke with Claire Hennessey, an editor at Penguin Books Ireland, to gain insight into what she should expect in her career in publication. Katie highly valued the time spent with Ms. Hennessey, as it provided her with extremely valuable information about being a young adult literature editor, and about what to expect in terms of searching for a job and applying to internships in the field. While in Galway, Katie took three different courses pertaining to Irish culture. Katie took a course in the Irish language, through which she was able to learn the native language of the Irish people, and enjoyed being able to converse in simple sentences with her classmates and with the Irish people. Katie also took a course in Irish Literature, and studied the works of such authors as William Butler Yeats and James Joyce. This class was particularly important as it gave Katie a chance to view literature from a historical standpoint. Finally, Katie took a class in genealogy, in which she was able to trace her family’s Irish lineage back to Ireland. Katie travelled on a Famine Road and gained insight into the trials associated with the Great Famine. Through her travels she accomplished one of her life goals of visiting Ireland, and began her livelong journey to travel the world. 

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: You Are a Badass, So Ask for It!

On November 18th, 2015 Katherine Allgeier and Ivey Shorts held a leadership workshop titled You Are A Badass, So Ask For It! The workshop was based off of the two books You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero and Ask For It by Linda Babcock. The night began with Ivey Shorts guiding the attendees through The Circle of Life. This activity helps one to assess one's satisfaction with different components of one's own life. Once completed, Ivey gave an interactive lecture on different chapters from You Are A Badass. This half of the workshop was dedicated to addressing the mental emotional components of empowerment and how to get out of one's own way. Ivey was able to draw from her experiences in India and give a personal testimony on how the information in this book has changed her own life. The second part of the workshop was presented by Katherine. She talked about how to put one's goals into action and truly take charge of the life one wants. Katherine provided the audience with a self assessment to take home in order to evaluate one's negotiation skills. She was very passionate about giving the audience the confidence they needed in order to succeed in the real world. This workshop was truly a success that Katherine and Ivey enjoyed holding for Thiel's community.