Kimberly Stanley

International Experience Country:
Cohort Year:
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Temple University

Heinz Programming Area:
Economic Opportunity
International Experience Summary:

Kimberly Stanley travelled to Freiburg, Germany to learn about the European Union integration process. The purpose of his program was to gain a better of understanding of what the European Union expects of candidate countries, and what candidate countries are hoping to gain from membership. These learning goals were mainly achieved through two case studies: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey. Michelle later visited both countries on structured trips with her program. Michelle met with many people working within the European Union as well as professionals working with NGOs.  In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Michelle met with many young professionals who were using art and documentaries as a means of communicating the ethnic unrest within the country. These professionals were often teenagers during the ethnic war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and would talk of their personal experiences of living in a war zone and living in fear. In Turkey, a European Union representative spoke about the many economic development strategies, such as the building of transportation infrastructure and the creation of vocational education programs, the European Union is helping Turkey undertake. This presentation coincided greatly with Michelle’s interests in economic development and urban revitalization. In Germany, Michelle was able to see firsthand the economic and political benefits of the European Union. By experiencing several different cultures within European Union member states, she saw how the European Union provides economic unity while allowing member states to preserve their own cultures. Finally, Michelle was able to spend a lot of time enjoying Germany’s parks and natural wonder and appreciate how the accessibility of these gorgeous public spaces allows Germans to spend leisure time in very different ways than Americans. 

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: It Never Happens Here: Student Stories of Sexual Violence

"It Never Happens Here: Student Stories of Sexual Violence" showcased skits detailing sexual harassment and violence abroad and in Temple University's North Philadelphia neighborhood. Some skits were about casual instances of sexual harassment such as catcalling. Other skits were about more serious sexual assaults in the form of unwanted touching. Each skit had a discussion session afterwards. Attendees were asked if they thought the skit happened abroad or within their own community. The answers to this question led to a broader discussion about the many forms sexual harassment and violence can take. Attendees were given the chance to share their own stories. In this way, the CEE provided a safe space for many victims of casual violence and harassment to be heard and feel supported. Speaking out about sexual harassment and violence gave the community a sense of common experience when before many had felt isolated and frustrated. The overall lesson of the CEE was to demonstrate that sexual violence and harassment can happen anywhere, to anyone. The CEE was also an opportunity for those in attendance to share their strategies of diffusing situations of violence and harassment. This kind of exchange empowered attendees to deal with sexual harassment and violence in healthier ways and gave them a sense of community and camaraderie.