Paige Potter

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University of Pittsburgh | Bradford

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International Experience Summary:

Paige Potter had the opportunity to study abroad in Yokohama, Japan for five months where she lived with a host family and attended Yokohama College of Commerce. By living with two little brothers, she found that every day was an adventure with them. Paige studied Japanese Language and Culture where she was able to practice with the teacher inside and outside of class.  She also assisted the English department at her exchange school by volunteering as a Teacher Assistant. While being a Teacher Assistant, she assisted in lesson planning, English conversational role-play, and English based games. Paige was also able to learn more about Japan during her educational excursions; she hiked on of Mt. Fuji and then visited Hiroshima and Miyajima, where she learned a lot of Japanese history and about religious beliefs. Surprisingly, her experience in Japan opened her eyes to the high standards of hospitality found in Japan, inspiring her to change her major to Hospitality Management so that she could leave a lasting impression on patrons, just as she was given during her time in Japan. She learned the philosophies of kindness, selflessness and being respectful towards our fellow human beings.   Although being kind to others is expected in Japan, Paige realizes that it is a choice that people make.  Being kind to others goes a long way in developing relationships.  Paige’s time in Japan has transformed her into a woman who is not afraid to go outside of her comfort zone, she has also found a passion for traveling to experience hospitality everywhere.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Ladies Leading Locally

Our CEE, Ladies Leading Locally, was an event that was organized in order to encourage young women to be leaders by empowering them through leaders within the Bradford community. We were able to ask several different panelists from different professional backgrounds to attend and answer questions based on their struggles, accomplishments, and what they believe makes someone a leader. The panelists we asked to attend were the CEO of a local oil refinery, Bradford’s Main Street Manager, a leader in PA Wilds, the Economic Development coordinator of McKean County, Pitt-Bradford’s Alumni Director and Institutional Advancement Director. There was one panelist per table to initiate a 45-minute discussion to answer the given questions. This is when the magic began and we all realized how much we were learning from each other. The women also answered questions on what makes a good leader; how they balance their personal lives with their work lives, and their struggles and accomplishments. The CEE itself had been a magical experience for everyone because we knew people were being inspired to become leaders they never thought they could be. We felt that many of the female students that attended were becoming empowered by our community leaders that make a big difference every day.