Jordan Galcznski

International Experience Country:
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Temple University

Heinz Programming Area:
Arts and Culture
International Experience Summary:

Jordan Galcznski participated in a month-long archaeological excavation at the ancient site of Mendes, Egypt, located near the modern city of Mansourah. The excavation was with Penn State University under the direction of Dr. Redford. She gained an expansive knowledge of archaeological excavation techniques in the field, and was even put in charge of her own unit. She got to work under a biological anthropologist, helping with the excavation of burials, and was taught to sketch pottery fragments by the staff artist. Not only was Jordan able to expand her knowledge of Egyptian history and archaeology, she was also able to get to know the Egyptian people and culture better. Even though there was a language barrier, the workmen loved teaching her Arabic and being taught English in return. Each week, they would go into the nearby city of Mansourah to eat in one of their delicious restaurants and explore the city more. On the last day of the dig, the workers had an impromptu fanstasia (dance), where Jordan and her fellow dig members got to dance and sing along with the workmen. Most of her free-time was spent sorting pottery, chatting with the cleaning woman, or exploring the site future. On the weekend, the team took trips to archaeological sites in the region, including Tanis, Alexandria, and Cairo. Jordan got to complete her life-long dream of seeing the Pyramids of Giza and even got to go inside the Great Pyramid. Studying abroad in Egypt just confirmed to Jordan that she is on the right path for what she wants to do in the future.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

The Temple University cohort, consisting of Sarah Giskin and Jordan Galczynski, held a panel discussion on the issue of youth homelessness in Philadelphia. Their awareness was brought to the issue while studying abroad in Brazil and Egypt. They wondered if the issue that is so evident in those countries existed to that extent in their own community of Philadelphia. After some research and talking with experts in the field, Sarah and Jordan soon uncovered that Philadelphia suffered from the issue as well.  The panel consisted of Carly Hanson, a public health graduate student who concentrates in youth homelessness, Alfred Quarles, the Philadelphia Public School District's coordinator of youth homelessness, Harmony Rodriguez, a transgender Temple student who has first hand experience with homelessness, and Meko Rose Noel, another Temple student who experienced youth homelessness. Our panel discussion focused on various topics including excerpts from the students’ own experiences, along with facts and statistics from Mr. Quarles and Ms. Hanson. Our panel ended with an open discussion between the audience and the panel. Emerging from this panel discussion, Jordan and Sarah hope to continue to participate in youth homelessness awareness events in coordination with Mr. Quarles and Ms. Hanson.