Victoria Challingsworth

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Thiel College

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Victoria Challingsworth spent her summer as a student in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied at the Facultad Agronomia – University of Buenos Aires (FAUBA), where she took classes about “The Economics of the Agrifood System in Argentina” and a Spanish class. This program was through ISA and was the first year for a program to work with FAUBA, Victoria was proud to be an ambassador for this program and aid the first year in going smoothly. During her Agrifood class she was able to see the three main markets in Argentina, El Mercado de Liniers (the world’s largest live cattle market), Mercado Central (fresh fruit and vegetable market which distributed to all the supermarkets in Buenos Aires), and Bulsa de Los Cereales (where the price for corn, soy, wheat and sunflower is set for all of Argentina). These experiences allowed her to round out her education as well as understand the government and economic system of Argentina more fully. Victoria also volunteered at the Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires where she was able to learn more about the flora and fauna of the region as well as interact with more Argentine people. Also while there Victoria was able to form a deep and lasting bond with her host mother and her kids and grandkids who would often visit. This bond was one of most delightful and moving experiences Victoria had while abroad. The warmth of the family was contagious and she truly felt at home, it was hard to leave her new family and new Argentine friends who also shaped her experience by giving her the perspective of someone her age and welcoming her into their circle of friends and Mate, a traditional Argentine tea.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Meandering the Maze

Meandering the Maze was a program designed to help as guidance for young women ages 10-15 as they begin their journey through the maze of life. That age group was selected because we all remember it being challenge time, those strange years when you are no longer a child but not yet a woman. Sometimes it can be hard to decide which direction to go, to make the right choices, and chose who to trust and befriend. Our program focused on three areas, the relationship you have with yourself, the relationship you have with your peers, and the how to identify positive female role models. It was felt that by gaining greater insight into these three areas the girls would be able to hash out most any challenge they faced in their future. Through the seminar we set up a relaxed comfortable environment to share challenges we had faced and talked about the trials they were currently facing and offered advice on how to deal with those situations.