Nicolette Kellogg

International Experience Country:
Cohort Year:
Home Institution:

University of Pittsburgh | Bradford

Heinz Programming Area:
Children, Youth, and Families
International Experience Summary:

Nicolette Kellogg lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for six weeks to study with Denmark Institute for Study Abroad. During this time, Nicolette gained an immense amount of insight into Gender, Sexuality, Prostitution and the Sex Trade. Nicolette’s primary focus was to gain insight on the world of human trafficking and prostitution and to meet with top leaders in the field. She was educated by professors and professionals who had relatable field experience including Anne Christensen, a Danish lawyer and founder of a non-government organization called HopeNow, as well as Emily Childers-Brockes, an advocate for government organization against human trafficking. HopeNow’s purpose is to help Nigerian women who have been identified as victims of trafficking. They provide counseling services, legal guidance, and a plethora of resources to help women. Nicolette’s study tour to Amsterdam served as an incredible career enhancing and personal experience. She networked with the directors of anti-human trafficking organizations Not For Sale, La Strada, and Comesha, as well as explored the unique culture of Amsterdam, including the Red Light District. Seeing and becoming more educated about the Red Light District firsthand made Nicolette realize how complex the sex industry is. She found that some people may work as prostitutes voluntarily, while others may have been trafficked against their will and no one can tell the difference simply by walking by. Voluntary prostitution is legal in both Denmark and Amsterdam. Trafficking of people is a violation of human rights. The complex issue is determining who is a victim of trafficking and who is not. Nicolette also had the opportunity to volunteer at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen for an Independence Day celebration on the 4th of July. This event was held at the US Ambassador’s house and was a family fun event for Americans working in Copenhagen. Volunteer duties included decorating the lawn, serving food and drinks, helping with games, and clean-up. Denmark broadened Nicolette’s horizon and equipped her with resources necessary to achieve her goals.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 2013 Cohort hosted a Gender Equality workshop for their Community Engagement Experience. At this event, videos depicting various aspects of equality were shown such as, rape, culture and women in the media. Attendants came to the event, walked around to the various table displays and then listened to a variety of speakers. The table display subjects were: Women in the media, LGBTS, Native American culture, and women in business. The speakers addressed human trafficking, domestic violence, males and gender equality, women in the workplace, and women in jeep off-roading. The CEE brought in global knowledge and applied it to local organizations and the community.