Nyjilah Webb

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Temple University

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International Experience Summary:

Nyjilah had the pleasure of traveling to Oviedo, Spain for five weeks. While in Spain, Nyjilah took courses on the Hispanic culture and language. She had the ability to become culturally self- aware while improving her fluency and proficiency speaking the Spanish language. Being a Criminal Justice major, she discovered that issues of crime, law, and justice place a great emphasis on cultural context. She learned that Spain's criminal justice system is heavily based on Roman law, an offers certain safeguards to the accused person, such as the abolishment of the death penalty-- which is vastly different than that of the United States. Throughout her experience of cultural immersion, Nyjilah was able to identify cultural disparities, and the impacts they have on criminology. This experience helped her conduct criminological research, which allowed her to effectively achieve her goals, action plans, and can be used for her Capstone course here in the United States.  

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Connecting Communities