Danica Teodoro

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Robert Morris University

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Danica Teodoro is a Media Arts major at Robert Morris University concentrating in Graphic Design and minoring in Advertising and Photography. She is active on campus through her positions with the RMU Career and Professional Development Center, RMU Sentry Media, and the Society for Collegiate Journalists. Through her creative work, Danica has received local, regional, and national awards. Outside of her studies, you can find her hiking, painting, or watching Netflix. She is passionate about body positivity and the environment and tries each day to be a positive influence on those around her.
International Experience Summary:

Danica Teodoro was able to complete a virtual study abroad program with Nebrija University which is based in Madrid, Spain. She took courses in Art in Spain and International Trade Marketing, focusing her time to better understand cultural differences through art and marketing as she works to start a career in these industries. Through her classes, Danica worked in a team to study how cultural factors can affect global marketing and how businesses enter and choose their target markets. She also studied Spanish society and how its history has affected its art, architecture, and culture. Danica particularly took interest in learning about social differences and perspectives between the United States and Spanish cultures. Through this research, she realized the importance of being a listener and learner in unfamiliar settings.

Danica also has a lifelong goal to become conversationally fluent in the Spanish language. While her classes were not taught in Spanish, she was able to pick up some vocabulary through the virtual lectures. Through group work in her marketing class, she was able to build connections with others from all over the world who were doing the same program in person or online. Her homework assignments also allowed her the opportunity to explore the Pittsburgh area as each student would present and compare their own local culture and society to one another. While she didn’t get have the chance to visit in person, what Danica learned about Madrid and Spain made her even more excited to visit in the future.