Emma Louie

International Experience Country:
Italy and Costa Rica
Cohort Year:
Home Institution:

Chatham University

Heinz Programming Area:
Children, Youth, and Families
Emma Louie is a junior at Chatham University studying Exercise Science, with plans to obtain my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. She has been involved in several school extracurriculars, such as the Chatham Swim Team, Student Academic Athletic Council (SAAC) and the MedLife Program. She enjoys spontaneous adventures including hiking and road trips, and anything that involves spending time with family and friends.  She’s excited to have the opportunity to travel and learn about different microcosms in different cultures and how that relates to the world.  She also loves to work with children through teaching swim lessons, volunteering, and babysitting.  Physical therapy is very important to her as she wishes to work in a pediatric rehabilitation hospital with special needs children with her degree."
International Experience Summary:

Emma Louie had the opportunity to participate in a virtual internship and remotely study for eight weeks this summer through CEA and USAC. Her internship was with Med in Action, a medical service based in Rome, Italy. She was responsible for producing blog content relating to a variety of health topics for this company, such as the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and mental health, to allow Med in Action patients to learn in an engaging way. Throughout the internship, Emma was able to attend cultural discussions and complete global activities that allowed her to learn about Italian culture, even though she was unable to be in Rome physically.

Aside from her internship, Emma also studied global health virtually and had the opportunity to learn directly from a practicing medical doctor in Costa Rica. In this discussion-based class, her weekly workload consisted of reviewing two medical case studies a week and preparing a weekly presentation on a medical topic assigned by her professor. Many of the presentations she created focused on diseases that are common to South American countries and other parts of the world. Moreover, she was able to learn firsthand knowledge of the Costa Rican health care system through the assistance of a medical professional. Emma plans to further advance her education by attending graduate school for physical therapy. She hopes to pursue her goals of working as a traveling physical therapist, specifically within the pediatric field, on a global scale. She wants to work towards providing adequate services and care to countries that need assistance the most. Although her global experience remained virtual this summer, Emma persevered and made the most of the situation, as well as gaining the skills that she feels will help her succeed in the healthcare field and hopes to have the opportunity to visit Italy in person soon.