Olivia Policicchio

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University of Pittsburgh | Greensburg

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As a sophomore public policy major Olivia Policicchio is attending the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg campus. Being an active student of the Pitt Greensburg community she is the Senate President of the student government association, publicity manager for the chorale, vice president of OACS, member of La femme, and a performer in the Pitt Greensburg theatre company. She enjoys spending time doing community service activities within the Pitt Greensburg community and doing outdoor activities. She is passionate about human rights and climate activism, and hopes one day to join the peace corp.
International Experience Summary:

Olivia Policicchio spent seven weeks doing a virtual internship at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. During her internship, she was a research assistant for a professor at the University with a concentration in the geopolitics and energy policies of the Eastern Mediterranean. During this internship, Olivia expanded her knowledge of the rich history of the Mediterranean and how that knowledge correlates to current issues of the region. With the growth of the Mediterranean Olivia did a research project that included the Geopolitics of the countries of Greece and Cyprus, and the growth of natural gas distribution with recommendations of green energy and arguing in favor of the Greece Cypriots. Through this internship she gained practical skills like asking difficult questions, navigating time zone barriers, utilizing technology to communicate with advisors across the world, and the usage of international research databases.

The cultural experience gave her global knowledge of foreign issues and how they affected the economy and international relations of these two countries. This internship experience is a step in the direction of her career and personal goals of creating a greener world. She is eager to travel to Cyprus and experience the beautiful culture in the near future!