Hannah Uschock

International Experience Country:
South Africa
Cohort Year:
Home Institution:

Thiel College

Heinz Programming Area:
International Experience Summary:

Hannah Uschock spent two months completing a virtual internship with the Global Learning Collective and EDU Africa. Within the GLC, there were four groups including South Africa, Brazil, Germany, and China. She was tasked with working in a team of other international students to create a business and marketing plan for Eco Children, a company in South Africa that provides education to rural children in the bush area in the north. More specifically, she focused on marketing a new program for Eco Children that would expand the company’s interests. They were looking to create a new camp/conference center outside of the National Game Reserve, where local children can go to learn about the nature around them. Research students and corporate sponsors were also included in their target market. Hannah worked with her team to establish companies and schools to market Eco Children to. She found similar programs to identify benefits and disadvantages that would work in the favor of her project.

During this experience, Hannah learned how to research and write for a company she was unfamiliar with. She spent two months getting to know a company that is changing their region and got to help them create a new program. She collaborated with people from Cape Town to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and created professional bonds that will last. While Hannah worked on the preliminary planning stage, the goal for Eco Children is to eventually open the center for business where international and local students alike can learn about the vast ecological systems that South Africa has to offer.