Erin Scrimger

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Bethany College

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International Experience Summary:

Erin Scrimger spent eight weeks in London, England doing an internship and class through the Center for International Studies Summer Internship Program. While in England, Erin lived in a home stay, which allowed her to have a commute and become more comfortable and knowledgeable about different areas of London. She worked as an intern at the Institute of Historical Research in their Victoria County History department. While there she conducted research for the department and integrated some of their data. The class that she took while in London was titled British Life and Culture, and focused on the history and modern problems that the country faces. It was very interesting to her to get a British view on issues that face the UK and the world. She was able to take tours of Parliament and the Globe Theatre with her class. She learned so much while abroad and is excited to use her knowledge in her classes back at home. On the weekends Erin attended every museum that she could go to and enjoyed the many parks in London. Her favorite museums include the Imperial War Museum, The Victoria and Albert, the Museum of London, and The Royal Observatory at Greenwich. Each museum taught her something different about the Art and Culture of Britain and the world. She occasionally traveled outside of Greater London to go to Bath, where she visited Bath Abbey and the Jane Austen Centre, and Egam, Surrey. Having her base in London allowed Erin to visit so many world-renowed cultural sites of the world.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Inter-generational Cultural Tea Party

For her CEE, Erin organized an Inter-generational Cultural Tea Party, to demonstrate to the Bethany community about the cultural connections that can be made through tea. This event was designed to bridge the gap between the student and elderly populations who are living in Bethany. Aside from providing refreshments for guests, there was a speaker from Japan as well as a talent show that included songs and skits performed by members of the local community.