Tyisha Massey

International Experience Country:
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Lincoln University

Heinz Programming Area:
Children, Youth, and Families
International Experience Summary:

Tyisha Massey spent 5 ½ weeks in Cusco, Peru. She studied intermediate Spanish along with Inca History. This was Tyisha’s first study abroad experience, and she gained a lot of knowledge about the Peruvian culture. Not only did she have the opportunity to meet new people but she also learned about a new culture and the history behind it. She was given two very helpful professors who taught her all about Cusco, its history, and its language. Within a short period of time, Tyisha learned an enormous amount of history and Spanish. While living in a Peruvian-owned hotel, Tyisha was able to fully immerse herself in the culture. During weekends, Tyisha and her classmates would visit historic places such as Tipon and Machu Picchu. She experienced one of the most exciting times of her life while at Machu Picchu. She took many pictures and brought back a good amount of souvenirs. Tyisha’s experience in a foreign country has changed her whole outlook on the world and on life in general. She sees things with so much more clarity.  She learned so much, not only about the culture, the history, or the language, but also about herself. She now knows that there is life outside of America, and that this life is very beautiful. There is so much to offer to Peru and there is so much that Peru has to offer. Tyisha knows that after her experience in Peru she will make life changes and be more open minded to the different things going on in the world. She plans to continue traveling and learning the history of many places around the world.  Since her return, she has not stopped talking about her time spent in Cusco, Peru, and the once in a lifetime experiences that came along with it.