Sarah Weaver

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University of Pittsburgh | Johnstown

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International Experience Summary:

Sarah spent almost two months of her summer exploring the culture and history of Great Britain and its people, particularly, the English people. While there, she attended two college courses. These courses helped fulfill requirements directly related to her duel major in History and Education; however, their true value lay in helping Sarah delve deeper into a foreign world.           First, British Art and Architecture allowed her to understand the value the British people place on art and architecture, as well as how both of these areas have been shaped by the British society they represent. Her second class, The History of London, allowed her see the extent to which the city of London has been a fundamental part of British and world history. Through this class, Sarah was also able to consider London's current position in world affairs as well as its future role in them. In addition, her free time in London was spent exploring the city, its museums, people, and cathedrals. On the weekends, Sarah took every opportunity to reach out and discover the broader history of Great Britain through visits to places such as Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral, Bath, and many other historically significant sites throughout Great Britain. 

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

Our CEE was entitled "Around the World in 7 Days!", and over the course of the week following Chinese New Year, we exposed the Pitt-Johnstown community to many of the different cultures represented by our international students on campus. Every day during lunch, the cafeteria offered an international dish (recipes provided by Pitt-Johnstown's international students) for the campus community to try.  On Saturday, for two and a half hours, we hosted a cultural celebration in the Mountain Cat Club on campus. International music, decorations, food, activities, crafts, and games (plus prize drawings) were offered to students. There was an Indian Bollywood style dance activity, a West African drum and dance activity, Yoga, African board games, a Chinese character painting activity, and an "Around the World" bingo game. The event was free for anyone, and became a meeting place for international students and local students to meet and talk. In essence, it was an event where cultures collided (in a good way!)