Gina Govojdean

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Duquesne University

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Economic Opportunity
International Experience Summary:

Gina M. Govojdean studied abroad in London, England for six weeks through a partnership with American Institute for Foreign Study.  She studied at the University of Richmond in London, which is located in Kensington, an upscale area in central London.  Though the university is technically American, she had Portuguese, English and American professors.  Gina is a Business and Law student and due to this, focused on European and global economics during her stay. She took two intensive upper level courses, the first being Economic Problems of Developing Countries and the second being British Politics.  Her class on the problems of economies in the developing world made news of the third world so much more real.  This formative experience helped her to better understand the dynamics of global change and the way in which ordinary people are affected.  In her British Politics class she focused on the workings of Parliament and the European Union, as well as the development of political parties and the history of the monarchial system.  This proved fascinating as the way that foreign governments operate is not a commonly discussed topic in America.  This enhanced her understanding of world politics.  As part of this course, Gina visited parliament multiple times, even seeing part of a live parliamentary session.  In her free time she was also able to see many works of great historical, political and economic significance, including Stonehenge, the Royal Pavilion, London’s sprawling history and art museums, the Tower Bridge and other famous architectural and artistic marvels.  The constant exposure to a foreign society, both high culture and everyday workings helped her to understand the idea of an intertwined global society in ways that she never thought possible.

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CEE Title: Pre-Departure Orientation Workshop