Estrellita Olvera

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University of Pittsburgh | Titusville

Heinz Programming Area:
Children, Youth, and Families
International Experience Summary:

Estrellita Olvera volunteered at the Nyakanga Hospital in Karagwe, Tanzania, for four weeks where she worked in the Maternity ward.  She worked along side long time nurses where she learned the basics of OBGYN.  With their assistance she was able to learn the difference between the U.S. and Tanzania way of practicing OBGYN.  During that time she worked on a side project regarding low birth weights and neonatal mortality rates of the area of Karagwe.  To successfully complete her project she gathered massive amounts of birth records from the hospital with prior permission in which then she later analyzed and interpreted the data.  During her volunteering she gained the trust of many doctors who invited her to watch several c-sections were she gained a better understanding of the procedure.  She also conducted many interviews with health care professionals and stay at home moms regarding low birth weights and neonatal mortality to find what causes low birth weights and neonatal mortality rates to increase.  Her weekdays were followed by lecture and reflection every day.  On the weekends she took fieldtrips to middle schools and high schools around the region to have one on one interaction with students of the region and to gain a better understanding of their educational system.  She also took many trips to the local market where she socialized with the towns people and was able to fully emerge herself in the culture.  Other trips included places such as Bucoba and Entebbe were she was able to have a good time either by doing some shopping or dipping her feet in the water of Lake Victoria.  

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Bridges to Africa