Lynn Sipsey

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Arcadia University

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International Experience Summary:

Lynn spent six weeks volunteering on Congal reserve and sustainable aquaculture center and reserve through the Jatun Sacha foundation in Bunche, Ecuador. Congal reserve is part of the Choco-Darien biogeographical region, the world’s fourth priority “Biodiversity Hotspot” where less than 24% of the original forest remains. Lynn’s volunteer experience encompassed both the art and environmental fields. Her artistic endeavors included painting educational murals in a school and illustrating plants on the reserve for the station director. She also gained experience in sustainable farming and fishing practices. While working in organic gardens, she learned about organic planning, seed collections, and harvesting various fruit. She also gained the trust of local farmers who allowed her to help with the milking, herding and care of cows and was permitted to assist with the killing of a pig. She helped pull in the nets of local fishermen and became a frequent at the shrimp ponds to both feed and harvest. She also worked on environmental projects such as weekly beach cleanups, sea turtle monitoring, removing invasive species, and mangrove planting. These opportunities provided Lynn with a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in both the community and for the flora and fauna of an incredibly precious region of the world.