April O'Brian

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Bethany College

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International Experience Summary:

April O’Brien spent a month living in Córdoba, Argentina.  She took an intensive Spanish language course through COINED International and did a shadowing experience at Las Rosas, a communications company that produces a magazine and runs two radio stations.  At the Spanish school, April had the opportunity to meet students from all over the world with the same passion for the language, and she learned a great deal about Argentinean culture through the excursions provided by COINED.  Her skills in Spanish improved greatly through the course.  April spent the majority of her time at Las Rosas working in the radio portion of the company, searching for news stories and creating brief write-ups of world and local events.  She had the opportunity to be live on the radio at one point: she was interviewed about her home state, Ohio, and chose an “Ohio song” to be played on the station!  April lived with an Argentinean woman named Marta, and had a great experience living in a home.  Each day was a learning experience—from learning how to take a bus and taxi, to how to purchase food, to how to drink Argentinean tea, April was fully immersed in the culture.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Autism Awareness Day