Sara Drews

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Bethany College

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Sara Drews had the opportunity to study in Australia. Studying through the University of New South Wales, taking a class entitled Australian Wildlife, Environment, and Conservation; she had the opportunity to see many of the different ecosystems Australia has to offer.  Spending time in five different regions, she had the opportunity to see a variety of Australian landscapes including the wet/dry tropics, arid interior, coastal region, rainforest and the reef.  Each area had unique biodiversity, and she was able to see some of Australia’s endemic animals, such as the wallaby and koala. In each region she went on many hands on trips, including guided hikes in many of the country’s important national parks.   In each region not only were there ecosystems, flora, fauna, and conservation addressed, but also the different Aboriginal tribes, their culture and connection to the land.  She was able to interact with many different Aboriginal tribes, learning about their history, the traditional ways they used the land, and the impact settlements have had on their culture. The diversity of her experiences aided her in bring home not only a new outlook on conservation as a issue of science but also as an issue of culture and society. 

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Autism Awareness Day