Brittany Goncar

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Chatham University

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International Experience Summary:

Brittany Goncar spent the summer in London enrolled in a Shakespeare intense program.  Not only did she strengthen her ability to analyze the text and her understanding of cognates; she spent the majority of her time outside the classroom beach combing the Thames River for Elizabethan roof tiles and pipes, and visited historical landmarks around the city.  She went to the performances of Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, Hamlet, and Much Ado about Nothing in various theatres.   Not only did this improve her understand of the text, but she was able to experience what it felt like for the groundlings to stand throughout entire performances in the Globe Theater rain or shine.  She also made many friends who were American and British.  Among them were two students that attend Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.  Also Brittany watched part of a Rugby match in The Rat and Parrot in Bath and even met a football player.  Since her return she has been inspired to motivate others to read Shakespeare and to travel abroad during college.   She is hoping to do this through the Creative Writing Club she is in the process of beginning and The Minor Bird, Chatham’s Undergraduate literary magazine of which she is assistant editor

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Sexual Education Outreach