Rebecca Reiser

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University of Pittsburgh | Oakland

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Rebecca Reiser traveled to the Karagwe district of Tanzania in May of 2009. There, she lived with ten other Pitt students on the grounds of Nyakahanga Hospital. Becky researched AIDS education in Karagwe. For her research, she had the opportunity to visit the AIDS Control Project, Angaza (a free HIV testing agency), local non-government organizations, and several primary and secondary schools. While at Nyakahanga Hospital, Becky worked with Eunice, the woman in charge of the Public Health Care ward of the hospital. She learned about the methods used to educate women on the prevention of HIV and the access to contraceptives. With the public health care clinic and the reproductive health clinic, Becky had the opportunity to help hospital staff on mobile clinic, a weekly clinic that visits rural areas outside of the electrical grid in order to administer prenatal health care, public health education, and administers vaccinations. While in the hospital, she also worked in the reproductive health clinic with pregnant mothers. Along with the other Pitt students, Becky visited several orphans that are sponsored by Dr. Winkler and past participants from Pitt in Tanzania. These children’s parents died from AIDS. As a result, the children were placed with extended family members and sent to boarding school with the help of sponsors. She also saw the house the University of Pittsburgh built for an AIDS widow in a past trip to Tanzania. Now, the woman is thriving with her children and has grown her own “shamba” or farm, in order to sustain her family. Becky was fortunate enough to spend her time in Tanzania absorbing the culture and learning from the people she met. 

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CEE Title: Barefoot Soccer Tournament