Victoria Woodward

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Thiel College

Heinz Programming Area:
Economic Opportunity
International Experience Summary:

Victoria Woodward spent two months traveling the world.  Her main focus and home for the two months was Nicosia, Cyprus.  This Mediterranean Island has become the hub of international business for numerous companies.  She was able to attend an intensive international marketing program which included hands on projects, guest speakers, extensive lectures, and visiting international businesses onsite for presentations.  Also included in the program was a complete immersion into the Cypriot culture by visiting many cities, archeological sites, and weekend excursions all over the island.  Her experience was furthered by the completion of a research paper compiled of information collected by interviews concerning a Cypriot women’s life.  Furthermore, she took advantage of her location and seized every opportunity she could to travel to nearby countries.  Her travels included a Greek cruise to Israel to see the Holy Land.  She opted to backpack across Eastern Europe for two weeks, seeing Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Romania.  Along the way meeting people through long train rides, close hostel quarters, and exploring adventures.  Finally she flew to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, fulfilling her life-long dream.  She experienced extreme independence throughout her journeys and was met by so many different people.  Every experience and/or difficulties were met as a challenge and a means to further her global knowledge.  She loved every minute of it and hopes to apply the knowledge she has gained for future leadership and a successful international business career.  

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Sharkweek Shark Finning Education Outreach