Lisa Olshefski

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University of Pittsburgh | Johnstown

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International Experience Summary:

Lisa Olshefski stepped outside of her comfort zone of scooping frozen custard in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and spent the summer studying business at the American Business School Paris in Paris, France.  Fully immersed in the French culture, she learned how to survive city-life while overcoming cultural differences and a language barrier.  When not studying for European Business or Paris and French Society, Lisa ventured outside of the classroom to explore the beauty and rich culture of Paris.  From spending an afternoon at the Louvre to an evening boat ride along the Seine, she experienced French culture in a multitude of ways.  To further her knowledge of Paris, she formed relationships with French students who showed her around the city, pointing out sights that a first-time tourist would not catch in passing.  Forming relationships with French students also allowed Lisa to expand her knowledge of the French language, leaving Europe with a stronger French vocabulary and the ability to communicate in French.  When inside the classroom, she learned of cultural differences between the French and Americans from education and healthcare to family life.  With the knowledge obtained abroad, Lisa is now able to apply such information to her International Business classes at Pitt Johnstown, and is using her classroom instruction and Real World experience to achieve a certificate in International Business to expand her career options in Marketing and Management.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Cultural Awareness Discussion with Students