Amy Mina

International Experience Country:
Semester at Sea
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Waynesburg University

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International Experience Summary:

Amy Mina traveled to eight different countries in the Mediterranean through the Semester at Sea program. Cadiz, Spain was the first stop in the 67 daylong voyage, and Amy was able to immerse herself in the traditional Spanish culture. She learned how to Flamenco dance at a small Flamenco-style Restaurant called La Cava, and tasted the delicious flavors of Spanish cuisine. Amy also had the opportunity to tour the city of Cadiz with a Spanish woman who discussed the city’s history at the Museo de Cadiz.

Moreover, Amy also traveled to Seville where she spent much of the day admiring the Cathedral, and viewing the entire city from the Giralda Tower. From there, her ship sailed to two ports in Italy, Civitaveccia and Naples, where Amy fulfilled her livelong desires to see the Coliseum, explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii, and marvel at the natural wonders of Positano.  The port in Istanbul, Turkey proved to be the most colorful and lively place, and Amy had the opportunity to experience Turkish hospitality. At a local restaurant, a newlywed couple was enjoying their wedding reception, and extended their party to include Amy and her friends. They learned the traditional Turkish dance, and gained insight into the Turkish culture through the friendly couple. The ship then turned towards Alexandria Egypt, and Casablanca Morocco. Amy was most excited to see Egypt, and the pyramids, because her family originated in Cairo. Egypt was extremely religious, and Amy discussed the Islamic faith with a few women, and gained some insight into the Egyptian way of life. All in all, Amy’s experiences developed her global awareness and self-understanding, as well as solidified her interests in broadcast journalism as a future career. 

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: CEE Title: Bead for Life