Lanisa LeTang

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Wilberforce University

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International Experience Summary:

Lanisa Letang went through the Center of International studies abroad and spent six weeks in Barcelona Spain, Where she studied the language, art and culture of Spain. To truly get the feel of the Spanish culture Lanisa dared her self to live like a Spaniard, so for the six weeks she was abroad she tried to speak as much Spanish as possible, and eat and drink only Spanish cuisine. She attended many local events and traveled to some of the outer limits on her few excursions which you can see in her photos. There were many land marks that she enjoyed. Her favorite excursion was when she traveled to Rome Italy were she was able to see some of the most beautiful architecture and artifacts that were priceless.  Lanisa would often get into some heated conversations about the cultural differences in the US and in Europe which were always very interesting. Lanisa’s daily schedule  consisted of going to classes at the University of Barcelona and on her way to class where her metro stop  there a center for people with special needs and she would watch how the people with special needs were treated and taken care of. Lanisa knew that when she returned to the states that she wanted to work with children with special needs and would pursue that as her career.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: A Helping Hand