Emily Freisher

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Temple University

Heinz Programming Area:
Arts and Culture
International Experience Summary:

I spent the summer before my junior year studying journalism in the small town of Cagli, Italy.  The program combined an intense culture shock [no one speaks English in small towns!] with one week of “journalism bootcamp” and three weeks of field work.  By using translators, our assignment was to find a story within the town and write, video, and photograph it for a website.  I interviewed an older woman who spends each day making a regional cheese by hand on her beautiful Italian farm—it couldn’t have been more authentic.  After spending the rest of my summer at home in Lancaster, PA, I am off again, this time to London!  I will be completing an internship at Jaeger, a UK clothing company, as well as taking courses at the University of Westminster.  When I come back I will be a second semester junior at Temple University and on my way to completing a B.A. in magazine journalism.