Jasmine Schley

International Experience Country:
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Temple University

Heinz Programming Area:
Economic Opportunity
International Experience Summary:

This past summer, because of a scholarship I received from the Vira Heinz Endowment, I was afforded the opportunity to study abroad at Temple University Rome.  I set off with the focus of education to guide my travels.  Ultimately I spent very little time in the classroom but learned more than I ever could have imagined.   In class I learned elementary Italian and outside the classroom I learned the subtle nuances of the language.  I’ve taken several other language classes here in the United States but never have I learned so fast.  Being immersed in the culture, I was able to use what I learned on a daily basis and learn many new words every day.  Two weeks into the course I was able to have simple conversations.  By the end of the trip I had rediscovered my passion for languages and was even helping other Americans at the open market. The six weeks I spent in Rome have left a lasting impression on me.  If nothing else, I developed a stronger sense of independence, confidence, and self-reliance.  Making my way through a foreign country and planning trips proved to be challenging and frustrating at times.  I was completely out of my comfort zone but I was able to adapt and be successful.  Up until this point in my life, studying abroad was the biggest goal that I set for myself and accomplished.   Since I returned I have set higher goals for myself and am fully confident that I can achieve them.