Amanda Colvin

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Thiel College

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The specific program that I participated in was focused on tropical marine ecology which includes visiting cities and islands between Brisbane and Cairns in Queensland Australia. The course was taught by a man originally from Australia and a professor in the marine science department of Long Island University in New York. The course involved actual field work to develop three group projects, a daily recorded scientific journal, and a research paper. I did not attend a lecture hall at a University, but I gained hands on experience in fieldwork; we had informal lectures at our research stations. I was immersed in the Australian climate and able to experience the environment of a different country. I experienced what Australia is known for: the great coral reef. I went to three different islands off the coast of Queensland: Stradbroke, Heron, and Orpheus. Each had a different ecology and through the research projects I learned more about them than their surface value. I have always had a strong appreciation for the environment, which is one of the main reasons why I am a biology major, and to see Australia’s greatness just enhanced my admiration of the earth’s beauty. This trip to Australia was truly enriching and the opportunity of a lifetime,  and I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity.