Leah McGhee

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University of Pittsburgh | Greensburg

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Arts and Culture
International Experience Summary:

My 2008 summer study abroad location was Arles, France. Arles is a town located in the Provence region in Southern France. My experience in Arles was complement by my classes. I was enrolled in The History of Photography in France and French Grammar. My learning of Photography was enhanced because I was given the opportunity to experience a prestigious photography festival coordinated by Christian Lacroix, a recognized fashion designer. Each photography student received a pass to visit the expositions in Arles. I had the opportunity to meet and be involved in a group interview of one of the photographers. I was also enrolled in a French grammar class which helped me to improve my pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening skills. At the end of my study abroad experience I received six credits, three credits of French grammar, and three credits of the History of Photography in France.