Sara Yates

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University of Pittsburgh | Greensburg

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Arts and Culture
International Experience Summary:

The experience of studying abroad in Guanajuato, México was an incredible study of the Art & Culture of the Mexican people; it gave me the chance to make once in a lifetime observations that have changed how I think about many issues and the roles of women in different societies. It also has allowed me to open my mind and engage my experiences.  Not to mention, I am a more confident, outgoing, friendly, and eager-to-meet-people person since this experience.  The study abroad experience, courtesy of Vira I. Heinz, gave me the opportunity to take away all the personality traits I have acquired in México and use them to be an outgoing person, one who has experience not only with working with people in an academic setting toward a common goal, but a person that can accomplish all these things, be a leader in the group, and complete the quest with people from various countries all over the world, speaking different languages, varying cultural ways of thinking, and doing these things in a language we are all learning in common.